Soma Therapies

SOMA Bodywork, is a therapy which allows changes to occur in the body, soul, and spirit of the individual. The process structurally balances the body and integrates the nervous system to allow more freedom of movement and spontaneity. A SOMA session allows the spirit to bring positive and creative solutions to an individual's life situations through the release of trapped body energies.

SOMA creates physical changes through manipulation of the fascia connective tissue around the muscles. Over time, —as a result of age, injury or stress—the connective tissue tends to glue together, preventing muscles from moving freely and independently...this is what we classically call 'knots'.

This muscle restriction, can result in pain, poor posture, and a general lack of vitality. Through SOMA, these blocks and restrictions are removed. New, more comfortable options for movement are available to you.

Psycho-spiritual change is fostered by introducing various techniques to enhance awareness: relaxation exercises, movement education, personal journal-keeping. SOMA affirms the unity of the body-mind-spirit integration, so work in each area has a profound effect on the other. As a result, those experiencing SOMA typically discover remarkable improvements.

People of all ages can benefit from SOMA Bodywork, and can experience positive change long after the treatment ends. I The change initiated by the work gives people the opportunity to transform their lives into paths of greater joy, creativity and fulfillment.